Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome to a new choir season... and a new online space!

Last night was our first choir rehearsal of the season, kicking off another year with good people and good music. What's new this year? Glad you asked...

This blog. Here you can find out more about the music we sing, the people who sing it, and all our goings-on.

New members. We are pleased to welcome three new members to start the season: Samuel Panning, a bass, James Ridgeway, a tenor, and Alicia Villarreal, an alto. (That's three new altos in just the last year... may the blessings continue to flow!)

Hymns. Our church traditionally sings most hymns once a year (a couple favorites maybe get out twice a year). But over the past couple of months, we have started to repeat hymns a little more often so that the congregation gets to know them a bit better. It has worked so well (I love to hear a congregation sing!) that the practice will carry on. So in the coming months, the sequence hymn (the hymn sung before and after the Gospel reading) will be the same for a few Sundays in a row. Hopefully this will also help to draw thematic threads through consecutive weeks' readings.

Featured composers. Last year's featured composer was, of course, J. S. Bach, and he's a tough act to follow. So this year, we have two featured composers: Handel, who I suspect you've heard of (Hallelujah!), and Jean Berger (pronounced behr-ZHAY), who I suspect you haven't. But it's brilliant music, and we're excited to share it with you.

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